Friday links: steeped in irony


We hope you enjoy this earlier than normal edition of the linkfest.

David Weidner at on the inevitable filing of the Blackstone Group IPO.

Then again, Blackstone’s managers do seems not to be giving up much in the way of control. (via, New York Times &

The views the move as “steeped in irony.”

Paul Kedrosky, Justin Fox and Aaron Pressman have some fun looking inside the Blackstone S-1.

“Blackstone Group LP employees generate almost nine times more earnings than their counterparts at Goldman Sachs Group Inc.” (via

The looks at mechanics of how the subprime mortgage market grew (and fell).

Felix Salmon with another look at the potential damage that the subprime mortgage market crisis may have on the wider financial system, and why anyone would pay for sell-side research.

David Gaffen at MarketBeat on what one big firm thinks of the future of sell-side research, and which firms profited in the market downdraft.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight on a shift in the shape of the yield curve.

All About Alpha on changes in how institutional investors buy hedge funds. on proposed ETFs that will serve as hedge fund replicators.

CXO Advisory Group on research showing some short-selling is manipulative.

Henry Blodget at on the most-recent Jim Cramer kerfuffle.

Greg Newton at NakedShorts has a suggestion for them both.

Once again, why would any one entrust their hard-earned capital to this guy? (via

Daniel Gross at with a review of a unheralded “unknown (American) financial superhero.”

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