Sunday links: MBA economics


What is happening to oil inventories in Cushing, OK? (

Who is to blame for the ethanol boom (and bust)? (

Non-farm payrolls viewed with an “open mind.” (Accrued Interest)

Research finds that gender diversity was inversely correlated with (mutual fund) performance. (

“A significant proportion of the return from equities in the second half of the 20th century came from a re-rating of shares…” (

Where will the VIX find a bottom? (VIX and More & Daily Options Report)

Are quant funds seeing a meltdown redux? (Infectious Greed)

Are models or the modelers at fault? (

California and New York are on deck for state muni ETFs. (

Microsoft (MSFT) vs. Apple (AAPL). (Howard Lindzon)

Smartphones are driving a trio of tech stocks higher. (

Is a MBA worth the time and (minimal) effort? (

Top 25 economics blogs. (Economics and… via Big Picture)

More press for Jason Zweig’s new book “Your Money & Your Brain.” (ETF Trends &

The growing battle between cable operators and the burgeoning number of sports-related networks. (

Nobel Prize in economics predictions. (Marginal Revolution & Mankiw Blog)

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