Monday links: partial positions


A Super-Bull capitulates. (FT Alphaville)

They shall call it 144a-daq! (

Low confidence in the Super-SIV. (Calculated Risk, naked capitalism)

Is increased volatility a sign of a bear market? (Bespoke Investment Group)

How sick is the U.S. dollar? (Big Picture)

Winners and losers from the soaring Canadian dollar. (

Real rather than nominal events are likely driving the price of gold and oil. (Econbrowser)

“The creative person [trader] thinks and performs in novel and productive ways.” (TraderFeed)

On the utility of establishing a “partial position.” (A Dash of Insight)

The value of breadth in managing a 1X0/X0 portfolio. (All About Alpha)

What have the quants been up to recently? (NakedShorts)

Stock buybacks not all they are cracked up to be. (Financial Week)

“On average, stocks of low-growth companies consistently outperform stocks of high-growth companies.” (CXO Advisory Group)

Blackstone Group (BX) is not off to a great start as a public company. (MarketBeat)

Should Sprint (S) essentially break itself up? (

“I believe the entertainment industry is in the early stages of being rebuilt in the image of Silicon Valley.” (

Al Gore and John Doerr look to a “makeover of the $6 trillion global energy business.” (

Behavioral economics and the logic of the writers’ strike. (

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