Wednesday links: ETF wish list


Warren Buffett does a little after-Christmas shopping. (Deal Journal,, Dealscape)

Is the Fed ahead of the curve? (A Dash of Insight)

2007 country returns.Β  (Bespoke Investment Group)

Home prices keep falling. (

Are lawsuits an asset class? (Market Movers)

A Christmas ETF wish list. (

Call writing funds come in a variety of flavors. (

Some ETFs are distributing capital gains this year. (

You shouldn’t buy all your mutual funds from one fund company. (

The public hedge fund manager thing just isn’t working out. (Deal Journal)

More on the quirky VIX. (Daily Options Report)

A most predictable holiday press release. (Jeff Matthews)

Herb Greenberg talks business journalism. (Talking Biz News)

(T)he I.R.S. is like a big police force charged with enforcing a bunch of rules that are unpopular, constantly disputed, and set by someone else.” (Freakonomics Blog)

A look back at the year in provocative economic research. (Odd Numbers)

The superrich are getting richer…in India. (

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