Sunday links: municipal bonding


Warren Buffett finishes the year with a flurry of deal-making. (

Opportunities in the rubble that is the municipal bond insurance business. (Accrued Interest)

(T)op-grade munis may merit a look even from investors in lower tax brackets.” (

Are bank loan funds an interesting contrarian play for 2008? (

Is Man Group getting it right in the realm of publicly traded hedge fund managers. (

Beaten down sectors heading into the new year. (

Dividends for the S&P 500 grew 11.5% in 2007. (Crossing Wall Street)

When international diversification doesn’t work…Canada in 2007. (

“When developing new trading frameworks, it is important that these not only build on existing strengths, but also match your own needs and interests in the markets.” (TraderFeed)

A look back at the year in deal making. (

A competitor to the CME takes shape. (

The housing crisis should not have been a big surprise. (Calculated Risk)

“From Complacency to Crisis: Financial Risk Taking in the Early 21st Century” (FRB Dallas via Economist’s View)

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