Wednesday links: risk-free risks


With the stock/bond spread widening, it seems like an opportune time to rebalance your portfolio. (

“(R)emember diversification is still your only friend.” (Capital Spectator)

We are “kinda, sorta” at sentiment extremes. (

Are we paying too much attention to the VIX? (Daily Options Report)

Only 15% of stocks are trading above their 200 day moving average. (Trader Mike)

The five year note is now trading well below the CPI. (Crossing Wall Street)

Declining long-term yields reflect two forces pulling stocks in opposite directions.” (Econbrowser)

Mr. Bernanke is “primarily playing a psychological game.” (Free Exchange)

“I think recent events have shown pretty clearly that a Fed put does exist.” (Interfluidity)

The fed funds rate is finally below the 10 year Treasury note. (MarketBeat)

Looking at the risk of holding a “risk free” asset. (Zero Beta)

“Why then, were there no share buy-backs announced yesterday?” (Jeff Matthews)

Five reasons for optimism. (

Four myths about the stock market. (Market Movers)

A look at a range of potential portfolio diversifiers. (

Is now the time that distressed investors have been waiting for? (

Something has got to give. Merger arb spreads are suspiciously wide. (

Why are financial blogs so bearish? (Infectious Greed)

“Welcome to the new moderation.” (

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