Thursday links: two-time loser


Inflation expectations have dropped (for now). (Real Time Economics)

The FedEx (FDX) indicator hints at slower growth ahead. (, Calculated Risk)

Somebody had to win betting against Bear Stearns (BSC). (

Rumbling of shareholder opposition to the $2 deal. (, DealBook)

Collective action” and the ongoing mystery of Bear Stearns’ stock price. (Dash of Insight)

What lies ahead for Visa (V)? (, Market Movers)

Visa aside, the number of IPOs has dropped off the charts. (Bespoke Investment Group)

However, SPACs are picking up the slack. (DealScape)

Fannie and Freddie are going to have to raise “significant capital” as a part of their loosened capital requirements. (, MarketBeat,

Fears of rampant speculation in commodities. (, Capital Chronicles, Bespoke Investment Group)

Safe havens are few and far between. (

LTCM lessons unlearned. JWM Partners take a major hit. (Market Movers, Crossing Wall Street, DealBook)

Have we entered a new age of higher volatility? (VIX and More)

What’s happening in the world of credit. (Accrued Interest)

TIPS and agency securities, a contrast in performance. (, ibid)

Owning stock in your employer is doubling down on single company risk. (

“The financial industry is likely to stagnate or shrink in the next few years.” ( also naked capitalism, Curious Capitalist)

“A credit crisis arises when many more promises are made than can possibly be kept, and disputes emerge about how and to whom promises will be broken.” (Interfluidity)

The FOMC is largely made up of Bush-appointees. (Economist’s View)

That was fast. “Meltdown” the book coming to a bookstore near you. (Deal Journal, FT Alphaville)

Taking a closer look at blogger stock selection. (CXO Advisory Group)

Getting tired of Freakonomics? How about Parentonomics. (Freakonomics)

What was March Madness like before the Internet? (Tech Observer)

A word of warning to those of you thinking of adding the “Blog Readability” badge to your blog. (Digital Inspiration via an astute AR reader)

More good stuff on the business of blogging. (Bill Rempel)

Have we missed something interesting in the investment blogosphere? Feel free to drop Abnormal Returns a line.


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