Sunday links: dollop of commodities


Edward Thorp, “Any good investment, sufficiently leveraged, can lead to ruin.” (

What happened? The Wall Street derivatives monster in perspective. (

“(T)here are a few indications that markets — especially those in leveraged credit — are showing signs of life.” (DealScape)

Muni bond funds are beginning to run out of top-rated credits. (

Deterioration in the value of assets has to be addressed by accounting somehow.” (Aleph Blog)

“Adding a dollop of commodities to investments in stocks and bonds lowers risk and may slightly enhance returns over the long term.” (

Where’s the flow? Materials, Industrials, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy. (all via TraderFeed)

Fallout from the Indian stock market slump. (

Repercussions of a sagging Chinese stock market. (naked capitalism)

On the use of bonds as a sentiment measure. (TraderFeed)

Failing to learn the lessons from a trade gone awry. (Daily Options Report)

Ten investment conundrums. (

Simpler is better, when it comes to investing. (Big Picture)

Insiders are signaling better times ahead. (

“(I)t’s important to realize that both the supply and demand curves for oil are, in general, very steep.” (Calculated Risk)

A nearly 80% chance of a 2008 recession according to traders at Intrade. (Afraid to Trade)

Good news for those in the market for a new condo. Bad news for lenders. (

The Irish economy is heading into recession. ( via Arts & Letters Daily)

“More confirmation that the slowdown in housing has spilled over to manufacturing.” (Econbrowser)

Required reading on the housing boom/credit crunch/recession. (

A university degree is the next target of technology. (I, Cringley)

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