Monday links: sound advice


Even though we are back to blogging, the length (and timing) of the linkfests will be a bit erratic. Thanks for your forebearance.

Sound advice: “Index (mostly). Save a ton. Reallocate infrequently.” (, also Market Movers,

When it comes to indicators, like the recession buy indicator, there can be a big difference between average returns and the worst historical outcome. (Big Picture)

‘PIK toggle’ bonds are getting ‘toggled.’ (, Calculated Risk)

From a profile of short-seller Doug Kass, “Shorting requires a different skill set; you have to have the mindset of an investigative reporter and be a skeptic at the core.” (

The VIX is at levels not seen since mid-2007. (

Profits up, stock price down for the CME Group (CME). (,

SPAC issuance has ground to a virtual halt. (

We are reluctant to even note this, but more talk about Microsoft (MSFT)-Yahoo! (YHOO) talks. (DealBook, Silicon Alley Insider,, Deal Journal,

Investment risk cannot be captured by a single measure. (Bill Rempel)

10 questions for Brian Shannon. (Kirk Report)

A closer look at how the MSM covers economic issues. (A Dash of Insight)

On the self-correcting nature of the econoblogosphere. (Abnormal Returns)

“(L)ower-income Americans get a much bigger benefit from the lower prices that trade with China has brought.” (

The skinny on the new Malcolm Gladwell book. (

Solitaire “ the cockroach of gaming, remarkably flexible and adaptable.” (

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