This may not be reviews in the strictest sense of the word, but Abnormal Returns is getting some notice from the blogosphere. A sampling:

The Stalwart writes, “Abnormal Returns: Finds interesting financial stories each day.”

Random Roger writes, “Great Read From A New (to me) Blog”

James Altucher at noted us in a Blog Watch piece. And another, another, another, and another!

Crossing Wall Street noted us as a “Cool Link.”

Going Private thinks we are “yummy.”

David Weidner at does not think much of financial bloggers and says this blog, among others, is “rarely read.”

We were Week #12 Blog of the Week over at All Financial Matters.

We were a Blog of the Week.

Brett Steenbarger on his Trader Performance page (circa August 25, 2006) tours the “market blogosphere” and notes:

There are several sources of blog links that I particularly trust and value; this is one of them.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight says “Abnormal Returns does a nice job of covering the investment commentary waterfront.”

For Financial Rounds, Abnormal Returns is a “regular read.”

Value Blog Review writes, “Abnormal Returns is a great blog that I read everyday.”

Value Blog Review also writes, “Abnormal Returns gets my vote for “Best Blog To Read If Your Wife Just Gave Birth To Your Baby (or any other event which may cause you to be short on time).”

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture included Abnormal Returns in his Blog Spotlight series.

Jay Walker at the Confused Capitalist has an (overly) kind “Salute to Abnormal Returns.”

Howard Lindzon adds us to his blogroll and calls us a “great daily linkfest” and “…a great place for financial links to good articles.”

A reviewer at says “…I still find new valuable sources through Abnormal Returns. Definitely a valuable resource for anyone in the investment arena.”

Tim Bradshaw at Investors Chronicle (via time to blog) includes Abnormal Returns among a list of “Top blogs for investors.”

Rhys Blakely at the Times Online rates Abnormal Returns among the “50 best business blogs.”

This post got us noticed by the Market Beat Blog at

The Financial Philosopher has added Abnormal Returns to his investment “blog portfolio.”

Felix Salmon at Market Movers picked up on this post on the futility of active management in the face of plunging ETF expense ratios.

Abnormal Returns was included in the’s Interactive Guide to the Econoblogosphere.

The editors a Pensions & Investments chose to include Abnormal Returns in their Blog Bank.

Value Blog Review, with his list of the 15 most important blogs for new investors and traders.

Steve Waldman at Interfluidity kindly includes Abnormal Returns in a sprawling look at the economics and finance blogosphere.

The Prince of Wall Street included Abnormal Returns in the list of his “Favorite Sites for 2008.”

Abnormal Returns was a “Business Site of the Week” at

An oh-so brief mention at

Mebane Faber at World Beta puts in the class of world-class aggregators like Instapundit and Kottke.

Fallond Picks writes “Abnormal Returns is my first port of call to get a working list of articles to read for the day.”

Ramesh Narayanaswamy at Euonymous aptronym writes “Abnormal Returns: I’m not a fan of talentless, soporific New Age writers who point somewhere else, but this is a happy exception. The average quality of content being pointed to is very high and it’s updated daily (content and fresh content).”

Abnormal Returns has been rated “Great” by Blogged.

Condor Options writes “If you’re not already a daily reader of Abnormal Returns, you should be.”

WallStreetFighter writes “To the only guy that does better daily links than me. Abnormal Returns

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report writes that what we do is “…WAY tougher and more time consuming than it looks. Trust me, I have done it.”

Zero Beta writes “Abnormal Returns is far and away THE best as well as most useful financial/economics blog Aggregator out there.”

Abnormal Returns is profiled as a “best of the web” pick from

Bill Luby at VIX and More writes “When I need to get caught up on the best of blogland, the first place I visit is Abnormal Returns, which has a knack for consistently cherry picking the best of what is out there.”

David Merkel at the Aleph Blog answers the question:  “If I were to read one blog per day, what should it be?”  Answer:  “Abnormal Returns.  He samples the finance blogs, and gives one concise daily post on the best of what was written.”

Abnormal Returns crosses over to the world of politics in a list of recommended econblogs by Ben Smith at

Howard Lindzon at the Huffington Post writes:

1. Abnormal Returns — The site is very simply a ‘link’ site to relevant financial articles around the web covering the main subjects of the day. It’s a great site that sends you quickly to the best sources — mainstream and bloggers. They have earned my trust for their thorough, simple coverage.

Deal Journal notes our third blogiversary.

Todd Sullivan at Value Plays writes “For those who do not read Abnormal Returns daily….do so. It is one of the, if not the best blog/msm daily linkfest out there.”

J. Michael Steele at the Wharton School writes “The Abnormal Returns Blog does an excellent job linking to insightful articles on the web. It is almost always worth a daily look — or at least a weekend review.”

Business Pundit places Abnormal Returns among the “50 Best Business Blogs of 2008” in the Financial News and Investing category.

Abnormal Returns ranked #2 on Capital Vandalism’s list of Financial Blogs of the Year.

A list of the “20 Top Finance and Economics Sites for 2009” at Cloudy Thinking includes this entry “Abnormal Returns is like naked capitalism — lots of interesting links and a huge time sink though very instructive.”

24/7 Wall St. included Abnormal Returns on their list of the “The 24/7 Wall St. Twenty-Five Best Financial Blogs.”  (also at

Systemically Important writes “If sliced bread, the daily item so important even Jesus begged his Father for it, mated with the greatest economic and business thinkers of our day, what would be the result? Abnormal Returns.”

Our MoneySmartz profile.

Abnormal Returns ranks sixth amongst the “most influential econo/financial business blogosphere” according to Real Property Alpha.

market folly writes “So, check out It saves you a ton of time and we guarantee you’ll be hooked.”

Abnormal Returns made The Reformed Broker’s list of Who’s Who of Financial Bloggers.

Bill Luby at VIX and More writes:

Admittedly, calling Abnormal Returns a single blog is stretching the definition a bit, as the folks at Abnormal read just about everything written on the markets and assemble a list of the best of the best on an almost daily basis. I have no idea how many articles are left on the cutting floor, but the ones that make the final links list always give me a lot of ideas to contemplate.

John Mecke at DevelopmentCorporate writes:

Abnormal Returns is the king of the link fest post and perhaps one of the better blogs on finance, public/private equity, and investing.  Their original tag line “A wide-ranging, forecast-free investment blog” still holds true today.

Felix Salmon describes Abnormal Returns as “indispensable.”

The Reformed Broker describes our linkfests as “impeccably curated.”

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight writes “He [Abnormal Returns] has provided an extremely valuable service to investors and deserves some recognition and compensation.”

Ultimi Barbarorum writes “We don’t really do blogroll around here, but Abnormal Returns is a bit special, and is basically the portal by which one navigates the econo-blogosphere.”

Abnormal Returns makes a list of investment blogs worth your time from My $10,000.

Abnormal Returns made it onto “The best of the money blogs” list at the Globe and Mail.

Abnormal Returns made this list of the “100 Best Blogs for Econ Students.”

@abnormalreturns (our Twitter feed) was mentioned as a “active (and wise) poster to StockTwits” over at FiLife.

We talked web aggregators with the guys at Wall St. Cheat Sheet.

Mark S. Ament of SportsBiznever misses” reading Abnormal Returns.

Abnormal Returns appeared in The Reformed Broker’s Periodic Table of Finance Bloggers.

Abnormal Returns made this list of the “100 Money Experts You Should Follow and Learn From on Twitter.”

Anthony Davian of The Davian Letter named Abnormal Returns a “Favorite Blog of the Week.”

Business Pundit places Abnormal Returns among the “75 Best Business Blogs of 2009” in the Investing category.

Mebane Faber at World Beta writes, “Today is a perfect example of why I would rather read Abnormal Returns than the WSJ, FT (my favorite of the papers), IBD, and Barron’s.”

Abnormal Returns was #24 on the list of the 50 Best Business Blogs of 2009 from

Abnormal Returns made the list of the 100 Best Damn Stock Traders on Twitter from The Social Executive.

Abnormal Returns is a must read for all investors and traders who desire to improve their knowledge of the markets.” – Charles E. Kirk, The Kirk Report

Abnormal Returns gets even better” according to Felix Salmon at Reuters.

abnormal returns is one of the 5 finance blogs i read so good choice and congrats!” – Chris Dixon

Abnormal Returns was included on this “all star team of online finance” by Zack Miller at New Rules of Investing.

Abnormal Returns was mentioned in this life of “five sensible yet entertaining blogs to build wealth” at Globe Investor.

The Epicurean Dealmaker notes his recommended reading including “Abnormal Returns — Tadas Viskanta’s classic and indispensable exemplar of the curated econoblogosphere. Comes in two flavors: the more leisurely “Classic” compendium (my favorite) and, for jittery real-time stock junkies, the “Now” version.”

Abnormal Returns was included in this list:  The 24/7 Wall St. Twenty Best Financial Blogs.

Financialfreezeframe on curation:  “Currently the best at doing this is abnormal returns.”

@moorenh writes “By the way, tweeps, @abnormalreturns is an absolutely excellent newsfeed. Their linkfests are the single best way to stay on top of finance.”

From Fast Company, How StockTwits (and Abnormal Returns) is changing trading.  “Inside the Internet’s first financial-news network — a mashup of CNBC, the Bloomberg terminal, and the real-time Web.”

What it takes to be one of the very best financial bloggers (Abnormal Returns included) according to Josh Brown at The Reformed Broker.

Abnormal Returns was named the inaugural “site of the week” at research puzzle pix by tom brakke.

A regular feature of research puzzle pix will be a “site of the week” of interest to investors.  It makes sense to kick things off with Abnormal Returns, the best market linkfest.  If you want a daily update of the latest hot topics in the econoblogosphere, it’s the place to go.  In addition to the “classic” site, AR Now provides updates with links throughout the day, and there is an ever-expanding array of themed newsletters, screencasts, and other items under the AR umbrella.  In addition, Tadas Viskanta has been increasing his output of thoughtful original postings.

Todd Sullivan really likes Abnormal Returns:  “AR is simply a great site…”

@smbcapital: “@abnormalreturns drives the most traffic for bloggers thru links than anywhere in the trading community. and done the rt way.  quality.”

Dynamic Hedge writes “..Tadas is practically the Matt Drudge of the financial web.”

Money Science writes, “I’m a big fan of both Tadas Viskanta, whose Abnormal Returns blog has set the standard for content curation on the web and Joseph Weisenthal, who was blogging as The Stalwart for a long time before joining Business Insider.”

Mark Wolfinger at Options for Rookies writes, “If you are not familiar with the work of Tadas at Abnormal Returns, it’s worth the visit.  He finds the best blog posts, and it’s more than I can find time to read.”

If you notice any others please feel free to contact us.


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